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5 Bushes and Shrubs With Yellow Blossoms


Yellow is such a vibrant, refreshing color. A yellow-blooming bush in your yard can make your whole landscape pop. But which shrubs and bushes will develop yellow flowers? Here are five yellow-blooming shrubs and bushes that grow well in the Louisville area.

1. Forsythia

Forsythia is a medium-sized shrub that reaches about 10 feet tall when mature. It's as wide as it is tall, and its long branches have a beautiful, arched shape. Forsythia blooms early in the spring, becoming covered in yellow flowers that somewhat resemble daffodils. 

Forsythia bushes love full sunlight but will tolerate partial shade. They are also tolerant of air pollution, which makes them a good choice for city dwellers. You will need to prune your forsythia bush annually, preferably just after it blooms.

2. Double-Flowered Japanese Rose

This round, robust rose bush grows to about 10 feet tall with a similar width. It blooms in spring with bright-yellow flowers that look like small roses. In the fall, the leaves turn a burnt yellow — adding a second splash of yellow color to your yard after your plants have stopped flowering.

Double-flowered Japanese roses grow really well against houses and fences because they prefer partial shade. They make good hedgerows and borders. During warm weather, you will need to water the tree extensively, especially when it is young. Prune the brush once a year after flowering, being careful to remove root suckers along with old branches.

3. Holly-Leaved Barberry

If you're looking for a bush that will add year-round greenery to your space, then plant a holly-leaved barberry bush. These broadleaf evergreen bushes stay green year-round, and in April, they become covered in fragrant, yellow flowers. They only mature to about six feet in height, making them a good choice for garden beds. 

Holly-leaved barberry bushes are not self-fruiting, so they will only develop berries if you plant two or more bushes. The berries are small and red, and they're known to attract deer. Holly-leaved barberry bushes grow best in partial to full shade, and they require watering during times of low rainfall.

4. St. John's Wort

St. John's wort is best known for its use as an herbal supplement, but you can grow this gorgeous shrub in your yard. It has a full, round shape, grows to about three feet tall, and develops star-shaped yellow blossoms in the spring. You can actually eat the flowers — they're said to provide natural pain relief.

St. Johns wort shrubs are perfect for making borders and filling out garden beds. They will grow in full sunlight or partial shade, and they'll tolerate poor-quality soil. St. John's wort is cold hardy and pest-resistant as well. If you've struggled to keep other bushes healthy, then this one is a fool-proof alternative.

5. Cinquefoil

This semi-evergreen bush comes in various cultivars. Some only mature to one or two feet tall, while others reach about four feet when mature. Cinquefoil bushes have an upright, ovular shape. They're known for their one-inch yellow flowers, which cover the bush from summer to fall.

Cinquefoil bushes need well-drained soil to thrive, and they prefer full sunlight. Annual pruning is essential and is best done after blooming. The bushes usually experience a burst of growth soon after planting, but then their growth rate slows down in subsequent years.

Any and all of these gorgeous shrubs would make a welcome addition to your landscape. If you're looking for a reliable landscaping team in the Louisville area, contact Landscape Solutions. We specialize in low-maintenance solutions and can help you find the perfect yellow-blooming bush or shrub to meet your needs.